New Real-time HABs website on NANOOS


The new Real-Time HABs website provides timely information on toxic harmful algal blooms in the Pacific Northwest. View the latest harmful algal bloom measurements from the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP), an underwater robot located on the NEMO mooring 13 miles off La Push, Washington.

2015 Puget Sound Marine Waters Overview (pdf)


A comprehensive look at Puget Sound marine conditions for the year 2015 is now available. Physical, chemical, and biological information ranging from large-scale climate variations to local biota monitoring are summarized to provide a thorough overview of Puget Sound conditions for 2015.

Successful deployment of Offshore ESP & Sub-Surface equipment.

Univerity of Washington News

Scientists with the University of Washington and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration deployed a new tool this week that will constantly be on the lookout for harmful algal blooms and their toxins off the coast of La Push, Washington.

Bellingham Bay Mooring deployment successful


Oceanographers deployed a buoy in Bellingham Bay on Thursday that will chart the health of Puget Sound. It joins a half-dozen other buoys, but this is the only one in the north Puget Sound. It is equipped with several pieces of advanced technology that will monitor everything from salinity, temperature and weather changes.

Bellingham Bay Buoy

UW School of Oceanography

The Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction, through its education partner the University of Washington, is deploying an oceanographic observing buoy in Bellingham Bay this week that will allow Northwest Indian College students both hands-on experience with the technology as well as the ability to study the data from their computers, through the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems, NANOOS.